What Does InspectingHome.com Inspect

We Inspect In Detail

Building Site
Driveway And Walkways
Decks And Entrances
Exterior Finishes
Roof And Roof Drainage
Structure And Foundation
Electrical System
Plumbing System
Heating And Cooling System
Insulation And Ventilation
Interior Of Home
Walls, Floors And Ceilings
Basement And Crawl Spaces

Lasting Peace Of Mind

At InspectingHome, we don't just detect problems or potential problems, we also provide you with some sensible solutions. We help provide you with the necessary information, so you can put the home into its proper perspective to make that difficult decision easier to make. For your modest investment in our service, you will get an experts opinion on the condition of the home you need immediately, and you will also get lasting peace of mind.

You Will Get

You will get a comprehensive and thorough home inspection by a professional home inspector with specialized tools to assist evaluating your home.

You get a 15 page written report that is provided at the end of the 3-4 hour inspection which is particularly important for time-sensitive purchases. The report is accompanied by a 150 page home evaluation guide.

You get an experts opinion on the condition of the home and you will be familiar with the different components of the home.

You can get a home inspection that is arranged to suit your schedule, including week-ends, or the evening time.

You get the all-in-one home inspection service where your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Limitations Of Our Inspections

Our inspections are professional, unbiased opinions, based on visual observations that existed at the time of the inspection. There are limitations to a visual inspection without dismantling the house, system and its components. A visual inspection will reduce the risk of purchase, but a visual inspection will not eliminate all the risks of purchase. Our intention is to provide our clients with a better understanding of the property conditions, as observed at the time of the inspection. Our objective is to identify major defects that exist at the time of the inspection that would affect a client's decision.

Inspections are performed according to the Canadian Association Of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice & Codes of Ethic.

Tips To Help Your Inspector

1) Order the inspection as soon as possible so inspection can be arranged when convenient for everyone involved and allow time to request repairs or renegotiate, if needed.
2) Know the age and square footage of the home.
3) Obtain copies of any meaningful, transferable guarantees or warrantees for home improvements or appliances.
4) Ensure all utilities are on such as gas, water and electricity, including gas fireplaces and plumbing fixtures.
5) Obtain the owner's disclosure form, to show inspector.
6) Accompany the inspector throughout the inspection. Do not be distracted by other persons in the home. You will learn about the different components of the home, learn maintenance your home will need, you will better understand items outlined in the report and you will have an opportunity to ask first hand about any questions or concerns you may have about the home.
7) Understand and be satisfied with the inspection report and condition of the home before closing the deal.
8) Contact your inspector about any questions you may have regarding the condtion of the home before closing the deal.
9) Allow enough time for further evaluations if any major deficiencies are detected during the home inspection. This will allow a specialist an opportunity to do a more extensive evaluation or examination if it is required.