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InspectingHome.com is proud of the professional home inspections we do and how we treat our customers. We are committed to being the best home inspection service available, that actually cares about their customers. It is our customers that have made us number one in the business. We don't just meet the standards, we set the standards.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee
Thanks for all your help....Penny and I purchased the house in North Delta. We negotiated a sizeable reduction due to the carport wall problem and hope to get that fixed when we close in the carport. For now, we have virtually gutted the house and are doing major interior renovation......bye bye red shag carpets!!

Please send me a few business cards as I often have friends looking for a building inspector they can trust....I was most happy with your service, especially your willingness to accept telephone inquiries after the job was done, and would be pleased to recommend you.

Regards, Murray Morrison

We would like to express our thanks for the home inspection your performed for us. We felt the service you provided was very professional and thorough.

We were extremely satisfied with the inspection and have recommended your services to friends. They, too, were also very impressed with the service they received. We will definitely give you a call should we require another inspection.

Thanks again, R. and C. Burns

'Many thanks for checking out the leak in the roof of my house and advising Dean on how to repair it. Thanks also for the advice you gave me on the phone for a timetable for the overall repair work. Separated as I am from the house as I am, its reassuring to talk to some one with professional experience. The manual you have written is an excellent guide.'

Sincerely, B. Munro

'I express my thanks for your expert-eye inspection of the property my dad and I ultimately purchased. The result is that most of the points you brought up and reported, were dealt with completely, many things I failed to notice myself.

Among some of the things I particularly noticed and appreciated:
1. the resource binder is outstanding now, and for a long time;
2. many of the things you personally viewed with me while doing the inspection;
3. many of the tips you recommended in the initial use of the unit, as well as the things to keep an eye on in the future.

The aforementioned, as well as your other strengths, serve you well now, and will for a long time to come.'

Respectfully, B. Dim

'We would like to thank you for the job you did for us in Surrey. Although we had never had the occasion to hire an inspector before, we were amazed at the thoroughness of your report which included many details we had overlooked. Upon reading the report and the way we felt about the property already, we purchased it.

The inspection did give us a peace of mind about the internal structure and soundness of the building. Thank you very much again and if we do have questions regarding our new home we will give you a call.'

Yours truly, B. Venut & I. Jackson

'Thank you for your prompt service you gave us and be assured that if we were needing another inspection we will be in touch with you.'

Sincerely yours, C. Jeffares

'This is in reference to the house inspection instituted on my new house, your excellent work in this regard is much appreciated.'

Sincerely, M. Stranding

'Thank you for your help and excellent inspection.'

Yours sincerely, A. Koblic

'Thank you for your very thorough report and for getting it out to us as quickly as you did. We were very satisfied with your service.'

Sincerely, I. Arneson

'I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the help during the search for a home. Your thoroughness in reviewing and comments you made were critical for me to make a decision and will be very helpful when I have the time and money to do some fixing-up around the house. I will not hesitate to enlist your service again and to recommend you to our friends.

All my best and sincere appreciation for your efforts, D. McElling

'Thank you for your thorough and professional home inspection. You are a remarkable person and inspector, caring about your customer in a personable and knowledgeable manner. Not every one in business has the honest concern for the customer as you do. You have a superior knowledge of construction and your organizational skills are shown in your binder. It is this and your genuine like and concern for people which makes you a success. I am so glad I chose your company for my home inspection. Thank you again.'

Sincerely, M. Hummel