Maintenance Suggestions

Maintenance around the home is important in order to help prevent more expensive and more extensive repairs. Maintenance around the home will vary, but usually checking around the home seasonally will be helpful. Maintenance such as cutting the lawn or shoveling snow may have to be done more frequently.

Safety above everything else is the most important. Never do any maintenance or repairs that you are not familar with and are able to do safely. For example doing roof repairs can be risky and unsafe to do. Injuries from falling off roofs are all to common and are often quite serious. Only do maintenance and repairs you can do safely.

Always use the proper product following the manufactures' recommendations whendoing repairs or improvements. Consider using professionals when having work done.

Building Site Maintenance Some suggestions to maintain the yard, driveways, walkways and patio.

Decks and Entrance Maintenance How to maintain decks and entrances with safety in mind.

Exterior Maintenance Some suggestions on how to look after the exterior cladding of your home.

Roof and Roof Drainage Maintenance Keeping the rain out of the home requires maintenance.

Resources Currently has some interesting links, that may help you better understand your home.

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