Choosing Your Realtor

Choosing a realtor to represent you is one of the most important steps in purchasing a home and is key to a successful purchase. The realtor has to be working with you and be representing only you. You will be providing your realtor with both personal and business information, therefore trust in your realtor is paramount. The realtor is the person you will be confiding in when making one of the single largest, most important investment of your life.

Your realtor should have knowledge of the local market is an important part of buying a home and should also know the community. Your realtor should represent you in the real estate transaction and uphold your interests above all others. The realtor should provide you with loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, skill and accountability.

Before you go looking for homes, selecting a realtor to represent you. It is best to have your realtor present when ever you are looking at homes. Referrals from family or friend's is often a good way to narrow down your selection. Make sure you feel comfortable with the realtor you are selecting. Understand your realtor's responsibilities and services. Your realtor should clarify the options and details of the real estate transaction, and not confuse you. Your realtor will deal with any concerns or problems that arise during the purchase of the home. Your realtor should understand your needs and honestly wants to find the right home for you. Your success depends to a large degree on your realtor's success at finding you a home.

If you do not have a realtor when looking at homes, the listing realtor may try to convince you to deal directly with him/her. The listing realtor is contractually bound to the seller of the home, which may not benefit you. Sometimes the realtor will sacrifice a part of his dual commission to complete a deal which could work to your benefit. This situation is risky at best.

You need to let your realtor know when you are available to look at homes . The realtor may need to get hold of you with short notice or you may need to get hold of your agent under short notice. Communication becomes key to a successful home purchase, make arrangements, such as cell numbers, work numbers, home numbers, E-mail. Plan to talk on at least a weekly basis for updates and strategies for your home buying.

Your realtor should be able to narrow down your selection for a home by the information you provide him/her about the features you want. The realtor should provide you with information about homes in the area you are interested in. The realtor should provide you with a list of recently sold homes so you know about how much the homes are worth in that area.

Your realtor should provide you copies of all the paperwork that you will be expected to sign throughout the process, and briefly explain what each form is about, on a timely basis.